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SCYSS Training

With funding from the the Big Lottery – Awards for all, we have now developed the courses below.

We are now able to offer a year round training program that will introduce the Voluntary sector, Corporate sector and all other organisations and educational establishments.

The courses also explore some of the skills and knowledge required to work effectively with children and young people with a long-term condition.

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Some of our courses:

  1. Introduction to volunteering with SCYSS – Benefits, skills and challenges

  1. Sickle cell and Childhood Stroke -  'Know the basics

This is an introduction the basics of sickle cell. It looks at how it is inherited, its complications and its effects on children and young people.

  1.  Being an Empathic Advocate for children and young people with a Long  term condition

This course looked at how to be an empathic listener and advocate for children and young people with a long term health condition. 

  1.  Working with Seldom heard groups, Individuals and Families.

This course explored avenues to communicate with and ensure that the voices of seldom-heard groups, individuals and families are heard.

  1.  Safeguarding Children and young people living with Long term conditions

This course introduced the principles of safe-guarding children. It looked specifically at the safeguarding requirements for children with a long-term condition.

  1. Being a 'Self advocate'.

This course looked at how we can speak up as individuals or as a group; how campaigning organisations speak up for us, how the UK Parliament speaks up for UK citizens and skills required to be a successful advocate. This course is for children and young people ages from 12 to 18 only.

How to book

To Book – -click on the link below to give you more information about the courses we run and how to book.


All funding raised from the SCYSS Training project will help to develop further courses but more importantly help us to continue supporting children, young people and their families.


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