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Case Studies

Ummi is 13 and Imran the younger brother is 11.

Their mum Charity Mohammed is their Carer and a part time volunteer for Sickle Cell and Young stroke Survivors.

Ummi says:

“My brother and I both suffer from Sickle Cell Disease. We joined Sickle Cell and Young Stroke Survivors this year 2012, and have taken part in all of their activities.

This has made such huge difference to us because we didn’t know we could feel part of a group that cares so much and understand what we are going through.

We have been used to staying at home and watching TV, sometimes in crisis and generally didn’t really have fun with other young people.  Since joining the club, we have made friends, also met people who suffer from the thing as we do. By talking to some of the people we know that we are not alone, we are kind of lucky because we can support each other but some of the children are by themselves.

But we have learned a lot from some of their experiences and it has been helpful knowing there are also other young people who feel as we do.

I have made friends and hope we would be able to continue being part of the SCYSS club for a long time. Thanks SCYSS.”

Samuel Kofi, aged 14, of Nunhead is the proud winner of a Shooting Star Bravery Award for his courage in fighting Sickle Cell Anaemia and surviving stroke.

“Samuel takes his medicines very reliably and is cheerful and polite. He never complains about his health and is certainly very brave.” Dr. David Rees, Samuel’s consultant at Kings College Hospital

David is 20 years old. This is his view on his first time in a Theater.

“My trip to the watch the Lion King – It was such a great opportunity for me to have agreed to go out with the SCYSS club members, Personally I have always preferred to stay back home and just read some novels or catch up with my school work. Its not because I don’t want to go out, but because of my condition, I  have not been too keen socializing with people.”

Jennifer and Jaclyn Ochi are identical twins who have sickle cell anaemia. They joined SCYSS in 2006 and have been very active members to date.

The girls are fun to be with and finish off each other’s sentences.

With their condition as identical twins, it is rather difficult for their mother because as soon as one has crises in less than 15 minutes the other will follow.

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